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Make Room! Make Money!

A few months ago, I woke up one Saturday morning, looked around the house, and determined that it was going to be a day of cleansing and purging! I started going through closets, gathering clothes I hadn't worn in YEARS. I snatched every book off the shelf that I'd already read, or had no intentions on reading. I got rid of dishes I didn't use, unworn shoes with price tags still on them....and then I thought to myself, "What's in this entertainment center?" Do you know what I found? TONS of DVDs....I's 2017, WHO still watches DVDs....all thanks to NetFlix, Hulu, and the good ole Firestick.

I found a fast and easy way to sell by DVDs through a company called Decluttr. The process is super simple. Once you register, you simply scan the bar code on the back of the case (if using the app), or enter the bar code manually (if on the PC), and you'll receive instant pricing. Once you’ve confirmed your order, and packed all of your items, they'll send you a FREE shipping label – just stick it to your box and drop your items off at one of thousands of locations throughout the country, or at any UPS retail outlet or drop box. HOW SIMPLE IS THAT!??

You can also sell CDs, games, books, and cell phones!

Click HERE to learn more about how you can MAKE ROOM and MAKE MONEY! Use referral code DTRGLRDTCB to receive $10 when you sign up and complete an order!

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