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Kids Making Cents

Making "Cents" of Money Financial Planner

Our children, teenagers, and young adults need to learn the importance of being educated on the topics of all things finance- saving, budgeting, debt management, credit, investing, and more!
The Making "Cents" of Money Financial Planners are designed to teach basic concepts of finance providing a strong foundation that will help them grow to become financially responsible adults.
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KMC Teen Planner Cover.png
$14.99   $7.00 
(digital planner only)
Financial Planner & Activity Book
(young children and teens)

Designed to teach basic concepts of finance

to children with a focus on saving, spending, budgeting, and credit. 


Activities, balance and monthly budgeting sheets, learning about wants vs needs, credit vs. debit and more!

Financial Planner & Workbook
(older teens & young adults)

Basic concepts of finance to teens with a focus on building credit and interest payments.


Credit reports and scores, the dos and don'ts of using credit, properly using credit cards,

and more!

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