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You're one step closer to becoming a Certified Credit Consultant!

In the next few minutes you will receive two emails.  One, which allows you to continue with the next steps in the registration process.  


Once you've been given your username and password, log in and click on "Enroll Course". Be sure to enter the code provided to you to ensure that you're fee is discounted to $0.


Once registered, you will receive another email directing you to login to the website.

To access the materials, click on "Dashboard" and then "Download Training Materials"


There are 3 packets with over 300 pages of information, which can be completely overwhelming...and that is why I will break down the most important content for you to know and understand, to get you started on your way, help you pass the exam, and get you CERTIFIED!


You do not need to review the study guide prior to taking the course.

Be sure to join the Facebook Group, Certified by Shanté Nicole.  There, you can ask any questions you have to provide you with assistance along the way.  You'll also be able to chat with those who have already taken the exam 🤗

Good Luck!!

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