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Who is Tanya?


















We’re Saving America

We’re on a mission to get every family in America saving. Because that’s how we are going to save America, together.

It Began with a Birthday

The seed for Goalsetter was planted by Gabrielle, who told her mom, Tanya, that she only wanted two things for her 9th birthday: enough money to start an investment account and a bike.

Instead of support for her goals...

Gabrielle received a “Make Your Own Gum” kit, two weaving looms, and a butterfly conservatory (by the time she opened it, the butterflies were gone.)

That’s when Tanya realized that her goal was to help American families to become financially healthy and empowered to achieve their goals.

From Dora to Dollars

Our Founder went from being an executive at Nickelodeon to helping kids and families save, learn and grow money. We believe that every family in America deserves a shot at the American dream.

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