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5-day Credit GPS CHALLENGE

Guidance Positioning you for Success

watch the trailer below 

In order to know which direction to go, you have to know EXACTLY
where you’re starting.
Does this sound like you?

How does it all work?
Where do I begin?
How do I read my report?
How do I remove my negative items?
I can't get approved for a credit card.
I'm confused about my credit scores.
My interest is so high.
My limits are so low.

or this...

You want to change your situation.
You WANT  your dream home.
 You're sick of your credit card debt.
You're tired of CALLS FROM collection agencies. 
You're sick of high interest rates.
You're sick of being denied.
You've been dying to start your business.
You feel stuck.

Confused-Little-Girl-Is-At-Loss-For-Words (1).gif
Mockup- Transparent.png

if so....

this challenge is for yoU....

i've had to endure the pain and struggle of bouncing back from having terrible credit....battling cancer, a divorce, unemployment, and homelessness.....

....but i bounced back and so can you!

let me guide you to a life of better financial management and excellent credit!

you just gotta jump in the car & get on the road!!!!

 let's gooooooo!!!

join me on this 5-day challenge
 beginning july 17th!!

*the guide isn't mandatory, but NECESSARY*

Be sure to join the private Credit Challenge Group for
live and pre-recorded lessons
to keep you
on target, motivated, and constantly moving 
towards your goals!

you'll also be added to the
exclusive & motivational credit gps group chat!
*You must be a challenge participant to join the group chat*

there will also be weekly giveaways with amazing prizes!!!!

Before you can make

effective changes, 

you have to get to

the root of the issue....

or you'll find yourself

right back to square one.

-Shanté Nicole

GPS Map.jpg

start your journey today!

What destination are you trying to reach?

Is it being able to consistently pay your bills on time?

Budget properly? Rebuild and repair your credit?

Rid yourself of debt? Being able to save? Adjust your

spending habits?


What roadblocks are on your path? High debt to credit ratios? Late payments? Tons of inquiries? Collections? Lack of discipline?


Whether you constantly find yourself stuck at red lights, are unsure whether to turn left or right, constantly making

U-turns, and find yourself running in ditches…or…

you’re finally starting to figure out where you need to go, but are unsure of exactly how to get there....


this challenge is for you!!!!

It will provide you with the tools you need to help you get rid of these obstacles that stand in the way of you reaching your destination.

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